About Lorraine

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Dulcimer Definition: "Sweet sound, soothing for the soul."


"Lorraine Lordi's heartfelt music added the perfect touch to our wedding.  Thank you, Lorraine!

-Jessica and Mike, Married August, 2018

You could say that Lorraine began playing the hammered dulcimer, a 5,000-year old world instrument, quite by accident.  However, she likes to think that her Scottish grandfather, who passed away when she was a baby, gently led her to a small store in Black Mountain, NC, where she heard this mesmerizing music moving all around her like a soft wind blowing from the Scottish Highlands.

Within an hour, she purchased her first hammered dulcimer and began playing three to four hours a day.  She played for her self, her own heart, and from her heart.  And then things began to happen, People heard about her unique style of playing and began asking her to play in churches and weddings and at the Biltmore Estate.  To this day, she still plays hours each day -- for herself, and also for whoever else might delight in the most beautiful and inspiring world music that drifts from the mountains to the sky. And beyond.